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Nahedh Adnan Ahmed Al- Obaidi


The story of faith is a great story with which happiness revolves, existence and non-existence, and faith is security, tranquility, and belief, and its proofs are definitive and unquestionable. The innovator and the created point to the Creator, and the laws of creation from the atom to the galaxy, indicate the ability and mastery of its creator, but some ride the waves of the miscreants, so he turns away from what he created for him, and searches far from the limits of his ability, so he struggles with the unseen with his mind, causing himself distress and embarrassment as if he ascended to heaven, then claim He is one of the most thoughtful people and the most prudent of creation, and he runs in a vicious circle that does not reach a goal, nor does he rest in peace. The paths stumbled in him. As for the believer, whose faith evidences converged, he took the right path and the straight path, for he is the wisest of the sons of Adam in mind and the most powerful of them with evidence and authority. He knows good and indicates it, and forbids evil. 


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Ahmed Al- Obaidi, N. A. (2023). The concept of faith and its impact on evaluating human behavior. Al-Kitab Journal for Human Sciences, 6(9), 129–144.