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Aseel Fadel Ismail


The development of modern technical means in the field of transmitting electronic information has led to the lack of resort to the real physical world, due to the occurrence of major changes that have made the world a small village for commercial exchanges, so good legal concepts have been developed, and the electronic commercial store is one of the most important of them being the basis on which trade is based. Electronic, through which the seller can offer his services and goods for sale via the Internet.

The idea of ​​the electronic commercial store is a modern idea and it is a feature of economic life, and with the spread of electronic commerce, it has become possible to display products and services by advertising them around the world through websites, which allowed communities and companies to view and purchase products and conclude commercial deals remotely. One of the most important things that distinguishes the electronic commercial store from the traditional store is its universality, because the pioneers of the Internet are from different parts of the world. Its legal nature does not differ from the traditional store, as it is considered movable money, despite the different means used in each of them.


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