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Bushra Khaled Turki


Trademark has greatly contributed to the field of development of commercial activity in every country through which services and commodities can be differentiated from others a trademark has several from, many of which are services mark that has become an indispensable necessity for its offers for differentiating their services from other smilax ones and preserving the distinguished attribute of this services as on attractive tool for consumers. Services trademark has also gained a lot of ground for it encourages competition in markets, a case which requires its providers to take care of its protection from cheating and deception. Therefore, they have made signals and symbols to differentiate the services offered by them. Such a service may be offered by a natural or a juridical person. It requires the existence of objective and formal conditions to acquire its ownership.


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Turki, B. K. (2023). The Legal Concept of the Service Mark A Comparative Study. Al-Kitab Journal for Human Sciences, 6(9), 171–192.