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Sultan Abdul Rahman
Ahmed Hikmat Mahmoud


The research aims to identify the role of integrity and justice in reducing waste in the Hammam Al-Alil Cement Factory, as well as identifying the level of commitment of the respondents to integrity and justice in reducing waste occurring in production processes. Considering that they embody positive and negative aspects of separation, in a way that outweighs the positives and contributes to reducing the negatives, and by adopting the descriptive analytical approach in the selected industrial organization represented by the Hammam Al-Alil Cement Factory, with a sample size of (80) individuals from the senior and middle administrative leaders, and the exploratory study indicated a number of The manifestations that express the content of a problem that needs to be studied represented, are there complete conviction among the surveyed organizations of the importance of integrity and justice and in a way that reflects their interest in reducing waste? What is the degree of awareness of workers at the level of the surveyed organizations of the risks of waste facing the organizations?

The study relied on a set of statistical methods for analysis, and the results were extracted using the statistical program (spss 26), and reached a set of conclusions, the most important of which is, the existence of a correlation and influence of moral significance for integrity and justice in curtailing waste, and accordingly the study presented a set of recommendations, the most important of which is the necessity The management of the researched organization holds training courses and continuous conferences for the managers and employees of the researched organization through continuing education programs in order to develop a sense of responsibility, integrity and justice on their part towards adherence to work ethics to avoid waste.


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Abdul Rahman, S., & Mahmoud, A. H. (2023). Integrity and Justice Practices and Their Role in Reducing Waste an Exploratory Study at Hammam Al-Alil Cement Factory. Al-Kitab Journal for Human Sciences, 6(9), 231–250.