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Riyad Mahdi Abdul-Kadhim
Zaid Ahmad Baidar al-Jubour


The economic aspect is one of the most prominent areas of competition for the major countries in the Arab region, as a result of the region's availability of large natural resources, especially oil, which has become the main engine of the global economy. Therefore, the competing countries are trying to provide their energy security through the Arab region, which has become of strategic and economic importance. For competing countries, especially between China, European countries and the United States of America, and the economic competition between these parties contributed to the occurrence of polarization and the attempt of these parties to achieve superiority in the trade of goods and services in a way that guarantees them the realization of their interests and constitutes for them an advantage that increases their strength and economic progress.


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Abdul-Kadhim, R. M., & Baidar al-Jubour, Z. A. (2023). The economic competition of major countries in the Arab region since 2014. Al-Kitab Journal for Human Sciences, 6(9), 265–282.