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Mohammad Younis Al-Sayegh
Nawzad Habib Majeed Al-Dosky


A state of emergency is a procedure that is declared in cases of total and declared war, civil war, and limited armed conflicts. The state of emergency constitutes an extraordinary matter that occurs in the life of any country and threatens security and public order, in addition to its direct impact on human rights. The declaration of a state of emergency and the implementation of its laws have significant effects on the application of human rights agreements and the associated risks that affect multiple aspects of those rights. Furthermore, civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights are affected. In order to mitigate the severity of the impact of emergency laws on these rights, it was necessary to protect and prevent their violation in such circumstances


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Al-Sayegh, M. Y., & Majeed Al-Dosky, N. H. (2023). Pictures of the state of emergency in international human rights law. Al-Kitab Journal for Human Sciences, 6(9), 317–328.