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Hind Mohammed Abdul-Jabbar
Saddam Abdul Sattar Rashid


The success of countries with ethnic diversity in choosing the appropriate mechanisms for managing ethnic diversity guarantees them the achievement of harmony, political and security stability, and the advancement of the state’s economic and scientific reality, and makes this difference and diversity a factor in the state’s progress and development. On the other hand, historical experiences indicate that the state that ignored the demands of minorities and adopted It depends on undemocratic means in managing this diversity and fails to come up with an appropriate mechanism to deal with this issue, as it lives with political and security instability and economic problems and may often lead to the collapse of the state’s work, and its dealing with this issue is the basis for obtaining gains and legitimacy from society International, because this issue has become one of the important issues that are considered to increase the status of the state in the international community and avoid sanctions and international isolation, and in many cases the state loses many grants and privileges as a result of its handling of its administration and its dealings with the file of minorities.


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Abdul-Jabbar, H. M., & Rashid, S. A. S. (2023). Mechanisms and Policies for Managing Ethnic Diversity in Diverse Countries. Al-Kitab Journal for Human Sciences, 6(9), 381–402.