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Vol. 6 No. 9 (2023): مجلة الكتاب للعلوم الانسانية

Published: 2023-06-24

Impediments of Accepting Cassation Objective A Comparative Study

Ali Obeid Oweid Al-Hadidy
Abstract views : 37 | PDF downloads : 37

Page No.: 23-54

The concept of international refugee law

Muhammad Yunus AL-Sayegh, Zeina Zuhair Muhammad
Abstract views : 35 | PDF downloads : 41

Page No.: 55-90

The Impact of Personal and Political Characteristics in the Political Behavior of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Hazim Sabah Ahmied, Maryam Irfan Jreshjy
Abstract views : 49 | PDF downloads : 51

Page No.: 91-106

The concept of faith and its impact on evaluating human behavior

Nahedh Adnan Ahmed Al- Obaidi
Abstract views : 30 | PDF downloads : 21

Page No.: 129-144

The Electronic Commercial Store

Aseel Fadel Ismail
Abstract views : 32 | PDF downloads : 21

Page No.: 145-170

The Legal Concept of the Service Mark A Comparative Study

Bushra Khaled Turki
Abstract views : 34 | PDF downloads : 17

Page No.: 171-192

The Authority of the Judge in Approving the Consensual Annulment, A Comparative Analytical Study

Hassan Khamis Jurid Al-Obaidi
Abstract views : 65 | PDF downloads : 29

Page No.: 193-212

Amending the Iraqi Constitution in Force for The Year 2005 Between Theory and Reality

Zamil Maher Khabbaz
Abstract views : 36 | PDF downloads : 25

Page No.: 213-230

Integrity and Justice Practices and Their Role in Reducing Waste an Exploratory Study at Hammam Al-Alil Cement Factory

Sultan Abdul Rahman, Ahmed Hikmat Mahmoud
Abstract views : 44 | PDF downloads : 28

Page No.: 231-250

Citizen's rights under the effective constitution of the Republic of Iraq for the year 2005

Intisar Khalaf Al-Jubouri
Abstract views : 34 | PDF downloads : 22

Page No.: 251-264

The economic competition of major countries in the Arab region since 2014

Riyad Mahdi Abdul-Kadhim, Zaid Ahmad Baidar al-Jubour
Abstract views : 34 | PDF downloads : 17

Page No.: 265-282

The Results of the Democratic Transition on the Tunisian Political buffer after 2011

Hazim Sabah Ahmied, Ansam Saad Hussein Zidan
Abstract views : 27 | PDF downloads : 18

Page No.: 283-296

General principles of International Law Governing The Right to Nationality

Dilshad Nuri Abbas Al-Sinjar, Mohammad Younis Al-Sayegh
Abstract views : 20 | PDF downloads : 22

Page No.: 297-316

Pictures of the state of emergency in international human rights law

Mohammad Younis Al-Sayegh, Nawzad Habib Majeed Al-Dosky
Abstract views : 25 | PDF downloads : 22

Page No.: 317-328

Political Upbringing A Study in Institutions and Dimensions

Hazim Sabah Ahmied, Maryam Irfan Qasim Jreshjy
Abstract views : 33 | PDF downloads : 20

Page No.: 329-350

The Legal Framework for The Temporary Administration in the Iraqi Insurance Companies (A comparative study)

Fawzia Mowafaq Thanoon, yasir Mohammed Ali Al-hrythy
Abstract views : 27 | PDF downloads : 25

Page No.: 351-380

Mechanisms and Policies for Managing Ethnic Diversity in Diverse Countries

Hind Mohammed Abdul-Jabbar, Saddam Abdul Sattar Rashid
Abstract views : 94 | PDF downloads : 31

Page No.: 381-402

Obligatory cassation in the civil case - a comparative study

Thamer Ismail Hussein
Abstract views : 26 | PDF downloads : 34

Page No.: 403-420

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