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Ali Majeed Almusawi


This article delves into the area of thin films, which are ultrathin layers that challenge traditional boundaries and serve as pioneers in technological advancements. In this study, we utilize the Vienna Ab initio Simulation Package (VASP) to investigate the behavior of thin films from a quantum perspective. In this discourse, we undertake the task of elucidating the complex interplay of electrons, visualizing the topography of energy, and unraveling the fundamental nature of material phenomena that extend beyond direct observation. Through the utilization of intricate visual representations, we establish a connection between intricate quantum events and tangible visuals, facilitating the integration of the microscopic and macroscopic realms. This process contributes to the development of novel frameworks within the fields of materials science and technology. This study explores the synergistic relationship between VASP and thin films, providing valuable insights that have implications for innovation. It encourages us to reconsider the untapped potential of these extraordinary structures.


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Majeed Almusawi , A. (2023). Studying Thin Films to Decode Material Behavior. Al-Kitab Journal for Pure Sciences, 7(2), 30–39.


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