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Mustafa Hamadalla
Abbas Al- janabi
Hazim Ghazzay


COVID-19 exhibits a systemic inflammatory response to heightened blood levels of complete blood count (CBC) and C-reactive protein (CRP) that are indicative of severe illness in microbial (bacteria and viruses) infections. We aimed to investigate the correlation between CBC and CRP levels during the first hospitalization and clinical outcomes in COVID-19 patients with fungal co-infection. This research involved 100 post-COVID-19 patients referred to Al-Shafaa Hospital in Al-Ramadi, Anbar province, from October 2022 to May 2023. Each patient had blood drawn to determine their total blood count and C-reactive protein titer. Even though only nine patients had high CRP levels, the current study found that patients had insignificantly (P< 0.05) higher CRP levels than controls. It was revealed that 39 out of 100 patients developed an elevated white blood cell count. In contrast, five patients acquired a high RBC count. Neutrophilia was found in 39 of the patients. Five patients developed lymphocytopenia. In contrast, 12 patients had a high lymphocyte count. CRP and N/L ratio significantly discriminate patients from control. In conclusion, the results of CBC and CRP were variable among COVID-19 patients co-infected with fungi. Nevertheless, CRP and N/L markers are reliable and sensitive predictors of clinical outcomes in patients with COVID-19.


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Hamadalla, M., Al- janabi, A., & Ghazzay, H. (2023). Analysis of complete blood count and C-reactive protein with respect to COVID-19 patients co-infected with fungi in Anbar, Iraq. Al-Kitab Journal for Pure Sciences, 7(2), 40–49.


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