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Batool Hatawi
Nabil Aref


Graph G has two sets of information: the vertices, V(G), and the edges, E(G). The definitions for the Connectivity, Geometric Arithmetic, Atomic Bond, and Sum Connectivity Indices of G:

were deg(u), deg(v) are a degree of vertices. Dendrimers are synthetic, man-made molecules that are composed of monomers organized in a branching structure. in this article, we calculate Connectivity, Geometric Arithmetic, Atom Bond Connectivity, and Sum Connectivity Index for the PAMAM, POPAM, and HACN1J dendrimers.


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Hatawi, B., & Aref, N. (2023). Analysis of the properties of the topological Index using (analysis tools). Al-Kitab Journal for Pure Sciences, 7(2), 50–61.


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