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Mohammed Oglah Hussen
Bassam Youssef Dalal


The current study investigates "the impact of strategic awareness on organizational sustainability in the Salah al-Din Governorate Health Department / Iraq", and from the point of view of the administrative leaders in the department. This study uses the descriptive analytical approach, the questionnaire to collect the data, and using the Statistical package for social sciences SPSS 27 for the statistical analysis, whereas the final sample consisted of 157 valid questionnaires. Interestingly, the findings revealed that strategic awareness has a significant positive impact on organizational sustainability, and that the dimensions of strategic awareness (awareness of the internal environment, awareness of the external environment, and awareness of strategic goals) have a significant positive impact on organizational sustainability. But importantly, the awareness of the internal environment and the awareness of the strategic objectives have a greater statistically significant effect on organizational sustainability than awareness of the external environment. This study also concludes an important set of recommendations for administrative leaders in the Health Department of Salah al-Din Governorate / Iraq, and recommendations for researchers for future studies".


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Hussen, M. O., & Dalal, B. Y. (2023). Strategic Awareness and Its Role in Achieving Organizational Sustainability: A Field Study of the Administrative Leaders in the Salah Al-Din Health Department. Tikrit Journal of Administrative and Economic Sciences, 19(63, 2), 184–203.


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