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Mohammed Qahtan Hamid


The research aims to know the extent to which the standard (ISO9001:2015) can be applied, in which an item of the standard has been applied (the planning and controlling operations) and the case study methodology has been adopted in preparing the applied side of the research. The importance of the research involves through the availability of Ways to ensure good planning and implementation of the terms of the specification, as the research problem that my department suffers from (Human Resources and Scientific Affairs at the University of Anbar) begins. The implementation of my item (planning and controlling operations) is (74%), and as for the human resources department, the percentage of application for my item (planning and controlling operations) is (91%). Planning and Operational Control) from the Scientific Affairs Department, and this indicates that the Human Resources Department was better than the Scientific Affairs Department by applying Bandi (planning and controlling operations.


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Hamid, M. Q. (2023). The extent to which the standard specification ISO9001: 2015 can be applied to the scientific affairs and human resources departments at the University of Anbar. Tikrit Journal of Administrative and Economic Sciences, 19(63, 2), 267–288.


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