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Talal Masoud
Abdulrazzaq Jawish Alkherret


  In this study for factors effecting the swelling pressure of jerash expansive soils were investigated in this study, effect of initial dry density and effect of initial water content on the jerash expansive soil were investigated.It show that as the initial dry density decrease from 1.85 gm/cm3  to1.25 gm/cm3 , the swelling pressure also decrease are from 3.1  to 0.25gm/cm2   also it show that as the initial water content increase from 0%to 15% , the swelling pressure of jerash expansive soil decrease from 2.65 gm/cm2  to 1.35 gm/cm2  .



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Masoud T, Alkherret AJ. Factors affecting the swelling pressure for Jerash expansive soil. jaset [Internet]. 2021 Dec. 25 [cited 2022 Dec. 1];3(2):44-51. Available from:


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